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Ah, Misha, he has a stormy spirit. His mind is in bondage. He is haunted by a great, unsolved doubt. He is one of those who don’t want millions, but an answer to their questions.
Fyodor Dostoevsky, in The Brothers Karamazov  (via letters-to-lolita)

i want to see a sunset on venus
and i hope it spills open into a smolder
as Sol and Gaia’s twin sister
share an open palmed kiss,
a smacker, an eclipse is this
fist finishing going gone,
two down, a swing and a mistress,
let me tell you how my bad behavior
turns us over and abrupts us
i can read the text logs and
the cosmic static like tea leaves
it’s a hoot and howler, persistent
as this drooping cough, saved for
a sour induced-lung, it’s gotta be
eight stories up this parking garage,
and I could swear this is where I
found myself, but then I left myself
there. Shit. Why the round trip,
why the long face, life is it’s own
one way and counting the cars
with one headlight missing is
half the battle, the other half
is sitting in the dark.


14isarbitrary: Shadow study ~  by Henrietta Harris


14isarbitrary: Shadow study ~  by Henrietta Harris

This has led to a bizarre paradox: The Creationist with an iPhone or respectively the Anti-Vaxxer in a Prius. Utilizing science and all its comforts and advances, while being selectively skeptical about what science actually has to offer. Using technology to deny science takes some skilled compartmentalizing. It’s saying you have faith in science enough to post cat gifs on Facebook but not enough for science to contradict your convictions. There was a time when we thought the Information Superhighway would make everyone more informed, better educated. Instead its enabled the misinformed to find places to permanently nestle in confirmation bias. Misery loves company—as does ignorance.
Evangelicals today who see themselves forced to choose between standing on principle regarding contraception and homosexuality, or acquiescing to the framing of these issues as civil rights matters, need to be reminded that many of their institutions and spokesmen claimed not so long ago to stand on principle against equality for African Americans. No wonder critics of evangelicalism perceive these institutions and spokesmen (yes, they’re still mostly men) to be repeating the old pattern.

Emil Nolde (German, 1867 - 1956)
Dancing Couple (Tanzendes Paar), N/D


Emil Nolde (German, 1867 - 1956)

Dancing Couple (Tanzendes Paar), N/D

another word for centered

tonights are broken glass
and in the honest hours how you howl
at the moon in shards and justifiably
dip your legs skinny and sincere
into a star mirrored sea
named My Open Mouth

tonights my stomach full as
the fix is in, from fifty lashes,
ten hail mary’s, to a singular
"I am going to one day die,"
this body’s weight is sacraficial

tonights towards nothing else
massacre of should’ve known betters
as ceaseless love falls into itself
when that wouldn’t stop you

purest drivel, of impeccable quality

Aaron Bobrow
Untitled, 2011
tarpaulin on wooden stretcher
134.8 x 81.5 cm


Aaron Bobrow

Untitled, 2011

tarpaulin on wooden stretcher

134.8 x 81.5 cm

another for coal miner

and perfect fits for half-hyperboles. wedged
and that beneath in swollen glands in how
we told our history. might as well have stabbed
me at the airport terminal. who am i to die
anyways. didn’t you know i didn’t know you
well enough to know myself in. this way.
how is it always falling out of mouths. hell of
an arm you have on ya, hell of a lot of things
when habit happens get talkative or speak
of these bleeding machines on empty stomachs
always hungering never unbuckling the belt.
switch notches, never sanctified a fly, never
prayed to the proper god, who’s name is
always escaping on the wispy breaths of
they-say-they’re believers. and sure enough.
but i can’t add it up anymore, can’t tell
if this is leading up to something. maybe
for you there is a white picket heavenly ordeal
i’ve seen you brighter than the sun and
cried when I didn’t want to be a bad person
saying that, when now it feels no different
than basement dwelling nights bleaching
skin and plier teeth, how does it feel to know
that you got what you deserved. what is the
difference between confession and apology
if it comes out in these poorly-ordered words.
what i wanted to say is, i’m still waiting on that
one-day-when i can forgive like you can but
not like before. now everything old is new again.

Seeking what is true is not seeking what is desirable.
Albert Camus (via corrumpo)

Illustration from ‘An ABZ of Love,’ Kurt Vonnegut’s favorite vintage Danish guide to sexuality. (x)

Illustration from ‘An ABZ of Love,’ Kurt Vonnegut’s favorite vintage Danish guide to sexuality. (x)


Jacob van Loon
Landscape Resets 5-9